Working around Switzerland

  • EU and EFTA nationals who hold an employee permit L or B benefit from geographical and professional freedom and may work anywhere in Switzerland and change their job if they wish. They may be employed in a massage parlour. If you wish to be self-employed, you must exchange your employee work permit for an EU/EFTA self-employed permit B.
  • Holders of a self-employed permit L or B from EU or EFTA countries may work anywhere in Switzerland. If you wish to be employed in a massage parlour, however, you must apply for an EU/EFTA employee permit B (or L).
  • Holders of permit B or EU/EFTA permit B obtained under family reunification rules may undertake salaried or self-employed work regardless of their nationality without further administrative formalities by virtue of LEtr Article 46 (Swiss law on foreign nationals and integration) and Article 27 of OASA (Swiss ordinance on admission and residence).
  • In all cases, a person who wishes to change their canton of residence must declare this to the Office Cantonal de la Population et des Migrations. For citizens of EU or EFTA countries, this is a simple declaration. However, nationals of third countries are required to submit an application to move to another canton and wait for the outcome before doing so (LEtr Article 37).
  • No authorisation is necessary for a temporary stay in another canton (LEtr Article 37 paragraph 4).
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