Fair Sex Work is an approach that enables sex workers of both sexes to be at the forefront of promoting respect for certain standards in sex work.

Working in accordance with FxW recommendations means: “I look for clients who appreciate this way of working. The sex work I practise signifies a high level of health, hygiene, safety and pleasure.”

To ensure the best possible protection against HIV and AIDS and other sexually- transmitted infections:

  • Always use a male or female condom during penetrative sex
  • Always use protection during fellatio, whether ejaculation occurs or not
  • Do not allow sperm or menstrual blood to enter the mouth, i.e. do not swallow sperm or blood
  • Consult a doctor if you experience itching, a burning sensation, discharge or flu-like symptoms after unprotected sex

Behaviour carrying no risk of HIV/AIDS infection:

  • Kissing, stroking or massage
  • Sharing cooking equipment or toothbrushes
  • Using swimming pools or saunas
  • Exposure to tears, sweat, urine or faeces
  • Mosquito bites


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