Authorised locations for prostitution in Geneva

In Geneva, there are various locations where sex work can take place: on the street (e.g. Boulevard Helvétique and the district of Pâquis), in premises used to sell sex (brothels), via an escort agency, or at home by advertising online or in newspapers, etc.

Prostitution in public areas (i.e. on the street) is permitted everywhere in Geneva but may be forbidden in particular places such as close to schools, places of worship, cemeteries, hospitals, parks, playgrounds, public transport stops or stations, public toilets and places accessible to the public or reserved for parking cars, etc.

While soliciting is permitted, carrying out an act of a sexual nature in a public place is against the law and an offence under Art. 198 of the Criminal Code.

There is a zone in Geneva where prostitution is forbidden. This area lies at the bottom of Boulevard Helvétique in the district of Les Tranchées (see map).

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