Pricing and negotiation

The art of negotiation is one of the most crucial tricks of the sex work trade.

Negotiations with clients allow you to fully comprehend the service requested and find out if you will be able to satisfy their requirements.

You could be placed in danger if a client is annoyed or frustrated because you did not properly understand or perform what was agreed. So negotiations are a question of safety!

While negotiating the service, it is important that you do not promise something that you cannot or do not want to do.

Take payment before you begin – prices and durations should no longer be discussed during the sexual encounter.

If it proves necessary to renegotiate the service or the price to be paid, do so calmly and firmly.

You must also make clear before the sexual service anything that your client is forbidden to do, for example kissing with tongues or holding your head during fellatio, etc. If the client does not respect your conditions, stop and restate the rules. If the client continues to ignore you despite the warning you have given, stop once again and tell the client clearly that this is their last chance before you halt the service entirely.

We recommend that you align your prices with those of other prostitutes working in the same geographical area. Doing so helps sex work remain viable and increases your self-esteem.

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